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Interferential Current Therapy

What is Interferential Current Therapy (IFC)?

IFC is an electrotherapy which uses electrodes strategically placed around the site of treatment to drive electrical energy through the soft tissues to help treat a wide range of soft tissue pathologies.

What can IFC treat?

What can IFC treat?

Pain Management
• Improves range of joint movement

Treatment of Neuromuscular Dysfunction
• Improvement of strength
• Improvement of motor control
• Retards muscle atrophy
• Improvement of local blood flow

Improves Range of Joint Mobility
• Induces repeated stretching of contracted, shortened soft tissues

Tissue Repair
• Enhances micro-circulation and protein sysnthesis to heal wounds
• Restores integrity of connective tissue and dermal tissues

Acute and Chronic Edema
• Accelerates absorption rate
• Affects blood vessel permeability
• Increases mobility of proteins, blood cells and lymphatic flow

Peripheral Blood Flow
• Induces Arterial, venous and lymphatic flow