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Natural health solutions

Our mission statement is to provide a new age holistic and vitalistic approach to natural healthcare and wellness.
Empowering people to move, eat, and think their way to a super healthy new life.

Custom health solutions at SPR Wellness

Modern day life is stressful and it is becoming more difficult to lead a healthy life. We are the sickest species on earth and we are becoming more and more sick. Our current healthcare model is failing us. Thankfully nature has and always will have the answers. The recipe for a healthy lifestyle is actually quite simple…….. there are three main ingredients………. We need to look after and nurture our physical, nutritional and emotional health on a daily basis.

You Deserve a Miracle Story

We empower people with information on how they can take charge of their own health, we coach you through the process and we help you along the way through our treatment techniques that we offer. We are a family practice that helps the young and the old, the weak and the strong, we all need a little help from time to time.

When you have access to the truth about your body’s natural innate healing abilities, you’ll know, you too have the power to transform your existence and the lives of those around you.

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We are committed to helping you transform your life

With accountability and determination fueling our passion, we do our best for every patient at each visit. Dr. Ross will make sure that your body is able to do what it does best… to health itself.

We expect miracles for you because we treat you holistically by looking at your body as a whole and we make sure we cover all aspects of your health. We anticipate improvement not just in the condition that initially brought you to us, but find our patients experience other benefits like being able to breathe easier and fuller, improved sleeping, flexibility, concentration, balance as well as co-ordination and energy.

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See what some of our patients have to say

“Dr.Ross you rock! Thank you for helping me complete yet another marathon race.”

Hout Bay

“Your passion shows in the work you do, I can see you love your job.”


“When nothing else was working, you were able to help me.”