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Dr Stuart Ross

He always had a deep calling in life to help others
Even since junior school Dr Stuart Ross always knew he wanted to be a Dr to help others.

By the time high school came, not much had changed except now he started to develop a clearer picture that he wanted to be a Natural Dr of some sort because his own life was changing for the better thanks to eating well, moving well and thinking well. When Dr Ross needed healthcare, he would always choose the natural approach because this resonated with him. When it was time to do a job shadow in high school, Dr Ross shadowed a Chiropractor that was helping so many patients in such unique and wonderful ways that straight then and there Dr Ross knew that this was his path in life. Very excited after this job shadow he contacted the very prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in America and he was showered with a great deal of information about the art, the science and the philosophy that is Chiropractic.

Continuously furthering his knowledge
Dr Stuart Ross enrolled at the University of Johannesburg as a Chiropractic student and he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Chiropractic after an intensive seven years of studies.

This medically orientated, world-class Chiropractic degree had very high academic standards, and he trained in basic medical sciences but he felt that after his studies he wanted to go a slightly different path. He remembered reading all of the literature that he received from the original birth place of Chiropractic, the Palmer College of Chiropractic and kept in the forefront of his mind that Chiropractic was initially never intended to treat symptoms and give diagnoses, Chiropractic in its purest form is to help the body to heal itself and it does this by correcting malalignments (subluxation) of the human frame (skeletal, muscular, nervous systems) that distort and disrupt natural, normal neurological function within the body. When the body is functioning as nature intended and the nervous system can conduct its necessary and vital messaging, organising and processing then the body can do its magic and heal itself.

Dr Ross has completed many additional studies since his Chiropractic Degree and he has found that the more he has studied, the more it all starts to paint a very clear picture, that we are all unique physical, emotional and biochemical beings and we need to each be treated in our own unique way. Dr Ross started his own practice in 2009 and this is still where he continues to practice and to help his community in so many wonderful ways, helping the masses to thrive and not merely survive in our stressful new age lives that we live today.

Bringing a truly holistic approach to healthcare
By combining so many various new and exciting physical, nutritional, lifestyle and emotional treatment methods you can be sure that you will be treated with the latest techniques in healthcare that exists today. He uses so many measurement means to help to quantify your progress and to make the process far more than merely skimming the tip of the iceberg with just symptom relief. He wants you to thrive in life and to live at your peak potential. Dr Ross has a pure love and a deep understanding for a totally holistic approach to health and vitality for the whole family.

If you are looking for someone to help you to find out just how healthy you can be then Dr Stuart Ross is here for you.

Health is your greatest investment.

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Dr Ross possesses the latest technological equipment including but not limited to:

Computerized 3D table spinal decompression unit
Electrical acupuncture point diagnostic machine and stimulator
Laser therapy
Millennium insight subluxation station
Posture pro assessment
Bio exercise formulation software
Interferential current therapy
Percussion massagers
Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization tools
And more……

Dr Ross is a stockist of a wide selection of exercise, rehabilitation, and wellness products, including but not limited to the following: hand-held electrical pain relief devices (TENS), muscle strengthening and stretching equipment, braces for shoulders, knees, elbows, ankles etc., posture supports, hot and cold packs, pilates/yoga mats and balls, shoe inserts and foot therapy devices, home traction machines and so much more.