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Your first session

Full Clinical History

We suggest you set aside 1 hour for the consultation and arrive 5 minutes early to complete your paperwork. The purpose of this visit is to assess where you are from a health perspective and where your stressors in life come from with respect to a physical, biochemical and emotional level. This involves taking a full history so we know in detail exactly what and where your problem is, what may have caused it, and the best way to deal with it.

The Examination

We conduct a full Chiropractic examination which includes a posture evaluation, orthopaedic tests, certain neurological tests, a range of motion analysis and or movement analysis as well as static and motion palpation to find out exactly which part of your skeletal, muscular and/or nervous system are involved. We may also need to take certain x-rays, Ultrasound examinations and/or send you for blood tests so that we can be specific and accurate when treating you and at the same time eliminate certain factors which may be causing your problem.

If you are considered to be a good case for treatment then treatment will be applied on the first session. If there is suspicion of more sinister pathology then special investigations will have to be considered first before treatment is applied or referred accordingly. The sooner you take action, the sooner we may be able to help you.

Your second session

Report of Findings

This time you should set aside 30 minutes for this visit. The purpose of this visit is to report back to you if any special investigations were undertaken. Another shorter history will then be undertaken to see how you responded to the first session, if treatment was applied. A Further physical examination may be undertaken to assess further troublesome areas of your health. We will be able to tell you what your problem is, where it is, whether we are able to help you with chiropractic care and roughly how long it will take.

A Care Plan

A care plan specially designed for you based on our findings will then be presented to you. The decision is then yours as to whether you agree to the care or not. We can only guide you, at the end of the day you are responsible for your own health and make the final decision.

The rest of the treatment procedure

These visits make up the core of your care plan. After our initial assessment and the second visit re-evaluation we know exactly where to treat and will be once again 30 minutes because we know that maximizing time with our patients helps to get more work done and to help you improve quicker. It is vital that you stick to your care plan and keep all of your appointments as each treatment builds on the previous one very much like a fitness or strength program.

There are 4 phases of treatment:

Phase 1: Relief care

In this phase we are trying to get you, your symptomatic relief as quickly as we can while treating the core issue rather than just the surface symptoms. The recommended frequency in this phase is as high as your time, effort, and your body will allow as we do not want you to suffer any longer than needed and your body just needs TLC and treatment to get it out of this initial phase. This initial phase is the reason why so many seek our services and help to start. Please remember that the longer that you have had an issue for the longer it will take to get you out of this initial phase.

Phase 2: Stabilization phase

This is a great place to be as symptoms are now starting to disappeared and/or are gone all together and you are starting to feel a whole new you, more flexible, lighter, looser, more energy……. the you that you were meant to be. This is decision time as most people only want symptom relief but for some, when they feel this good then they want to see how much better they can get. Frequency of treatment can start to taper and more time between sessions can take place.

Phase 3: Regeneration phase

When you have had great biomechanics for a long time, now the injured and degenerated structures, arthritic joints, thinned discs, chronically fibrotic muscles and other soft tissue structures will all start to heal and become stronger and better. More of a maintenance frequency can be used here and more time between sessions can happen.

Phase 4: Wellness phase:

This is when you have done so well with your treatment that there is nothing more to treat. You are done and you can let us know in the future if you would like some fine tuning from time to time as life does pose many stressors and we will be here to help you deal with those stressors. Some people choose to make Chiropractic care and our other treatments a part of their stressful modern day lives as it helps people to overcome the many stressors we face on a daily basis.

The bottom line? How long you choose to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you. We offer convenient hours to accommodate your busy schedule.