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Advanced Biostructural Correction

ABC is a unique form of Chiropractic that produces predictable and reliable results on all body types. ABC uses quantifiable results to prove that what it does for the body is good for the body, a posture picture is mainly used among other means of outcome based assessments to measure your improvements and progress.

There are two main differences with ABC compared to other types of adjustive treatments:

1) ABC only adjusts you out of positions where there is not a muscle or group of muscles that can pull you out of that malposition causing dysfunction to your structure. Such positions exist and unfortunately with our modern day lives we become mechanically stressed and fall into these positions only unable for the body to self-correct and auto retrieve itself. No strengthening nor stretching exercises will correct these types of malpositions as there are no muscles or groups of muscles that can pull you out of these positions. Examples of such positions will be discussed with patients in their treatment sessions.

2) When a person has been tilted, kinked, twisted and distorted mechanically for some time, the layers covering the spinal cord called meninges, due to close continued opposition become tethered through a binding effect of the fascial layers and adhere to one another. Through the ABC technique we will find these meningeal adhesions and set them free so as to unlock old stuck patterns that the body would otherwise keep on falling back into via default.

Together these unique variations of adjustive therapy provide a holistic full body biomechanical approach i.e. you will be evaluated from the skull biomechanics to the feet and everything in between and allows the body to do what it does best and that is to heal itself. In order for the body to properly heal itself it must biomechanically unwind through old layers of dysfunction that caused the current abnormal biomechanics in the same sequence as they built up in the body to start. This means that sometimes a patient must re-visit old pathologies that a person used to experience sometimes even several years ago to properly heal and to properly fix the causative biomechanical mechanism.

ABC will improve your posture by improving your biomechanics. Good posture is relaxed posture, it’s not about how good your muscle control is or how strong your muscles are to pull your body upright, it’s about how your body just is upright and holds you and not how you hold your body.

There are 4 phases of treatment:

  1. The initial relief care phase involves a high frequency of care in order to get you your relief as quickly as possible by unwinding the biomechanics as quickly as possible.
  2. Once symptoms have subsided you enter the stabilization care phase ( above the white dotted line) where symptoms are not present and you feel good all the time with no sign of pains coming back. Frequency of care decreases at this point. Most people choose to aim for this phase and to try to maintain this phase.
  3. Some patients enjoy the way the treatment makes them feel to the point where they continue care to enter the regenerative phase where a person has felt so good for so long not and the structure has been so good for so long now, that the degenerative segments cartilage (arthritis), bone (arthritis), muscles (weak or shortened muscles) regenerate and heal.
  4. The last phase is Wellness/Optimization where there is nothing more to treat, you just feel great in every respect. Pure wellness.

What can you expect to get out of the treatment:

  • Breathe better
  • More upright posture
  • Move better
  • Greater flexibility
  • Better balance
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Get rid of dizz/fuzz feeling in the head
  • These are to only name but a few of the benefits.